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Reef Bass
08/07/2016, 09:22 AM
I would have posted one of these in the "outside" thread, but they were shot a couple weeks ago and as such don't qualify.

I took two of my lovely daughters to visit Grandma in Montana. Working in the concrete, steel and glass canyons of San Francisco's financial district, I super appreciate Montana's "Big Sky", sense of space, natural beauty and abundance of animals with whom we've been sharing the planet for millenia but are now are wiping out at an alarming rate.

I don't know if it's the altitude, or the northern latitude, or the mountain storms, but there's something magical about the late afternoon and evening light that I don't see at sea level where I am. Several of these were taken after an afternoon storm darkened the skies, dumped, then cleared. Parts of the sky were covered in dark, ominous rain clouds while parts of the ground dappled with soft sun and the harshness of mid day light was no where to be seen.

The first five shots are shown in chronological order, with the first being about 3 hours earlier than the following four. The light as the sun was about to dip below the mountains kept getting softer and more golden.

Rain passing through. See the vulture?
http://kenbull.photography/Content/Photos/Landscapes/Passing Showers wm.jpg

A young buck in the alfalfa
http://kenbull.photography/Content/Photos/Landscapes/Buck and Sprinklers wm.jpg

Pivot watering alfalfa
http://kenbull.photography/Content/Photos/Landscapes/Pivot 2 wm.jpg

Sunset on a quiet stretch of the Yellowstone River with caddis emerging
http://kenbull.photography/Content/Photos/Sunrises Sunsets/Sunset on the Yellowstone with Caddis wm.jpg

The most brilliant rainbow I've ever seen in my five plus decades

The next day at Yellowstone National Park. Late morning sun. Elk cows on the hill
http://kenbull.photography/Content/Photos/Mammals/Elk on Hill wm.jpg

The size and majesty of this bison bull doesn't really come across. What a magnificent beast!
http://kenbull.photography/Content/Photos/Mammals/Bison Bull on Road wm.jpg

08/07/2016, 02:21 PM
Those are great pictures. I love the scale of everything when you get out into the mountains, away from buildings and people. I absolutely loved my drive through Wyoming and Montana when I moved up to AK.

08/07/2016, 05:55 PM
Very nice Ken. Love the shot of the river. Yes, I see the vulture.