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08/10/2016, 02:01 AM
Hi, I would like to set up a happy tank for 2 Hippocampus Kuda Seahorses and was hoping to include the following tank mates:

- 1 Starfish (Undecided on which kind)
- 1-2 Stripped (psychedelic) Mandarin Fish
- 1-2 Sexy Shrimp (will seahorses eat them??)
- 1 Lettuce Slug
- Snail (Undecided on which kind)

I wanted to know what size tank should I be looking at?
Do I need to rethink any of these tank mates?
Can you recommend any Coral that would suit this tank?
Any other recommendations?


08/10/2016, 06:29 AM
Star fish should be fine, but do narrow it down so we can really give in put. I decided in a gold and black brittle starfish so he is part of my much needed CUC. Mandarins are fine, but make sure this is an addition much later and you have plenty of pods. Sexy shrimp will be the most expensive meal they eat. Sorry! Lettuce Sea Slug needs a tank they can't get caught in pumps and overflows. If you meet their needs then it should be ok, but I use too much flow to consider a friend like that in my pony tank and he lives in a different tank. I use all kinds of snails. If you have a chiller on the tank, margarita snails are great. If not trocus, Mexican, NASSARIUS (for all the food you put in the system)

I would look at a 40 or larger. The more water the the easier the quality is the maintain. Something with good height. Min 18 inches. Preferably drilled with sump and skimmer and maybe a refugium along with macros in tank if possible.

Almost any soft, photosynthetic coral do well. Leathers, toadstools, mushrooms (nonaggression), gorgonians, Xenia, zoas, GSP, and cloves are all good options. If you do go heavy on leathers and softies please remember to use carbon.

Start looking at nutrient export methods and/or reactors. Not for immediate use but it's nice to know your options when needed.

If that is clear as mud, let me know I will try to clarify. Good luck!

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08/12/2016, 11:44 AM
Agree with dog showgirl. Sexy shrimp are I. Serious danger of being a snack with seahorses. Mandarins although good tank mates may struggle to survive in that size new tank. One may be ok eventually. Macro is a great way to keep nutrients down and provide some hitches.

You will need a way to keep the tank temps down. Chiller works best but at least fans. Target not to exceed 72.

08/13/2016, 07:04 AM
I had peppermint shrimp with my erectus and eventually removed them. When they get large enough not to look like an expensive shrimp dinner, then they get brazen and begin to eat out of the seahorses food bowl. Even my erectus which are more outgoing than Kuda would let the shrimp have first dibs on the food. So I banishrd the peppermints to the sump.

I also agree with dogshowgirl about tank size. Bigger tanks are easier to maintain. Most keepers agree on a 30 gallon minimum for a pair of seahorses but like dogshow said, 40 gallons is better. My tank is a 36 gallon bowfront with a 20 gallon sump for probably 50 gallons volume total. Set your tank up so that maintenance is easy or you will be tempted to let things slide. That is when your seahorses get sick and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Plan to have a minimum of 10Xs turnover too. Seahorses can handle more flow than most folks think as long as they aren't swept into objects that can injure them. They like to have hitches in high, medium and low flow depending on their mood.

I have nassarius, trocus, bee and margarita snails for cuc. I also have an atlantic cucumber for the sandbed. I use rio pumps that have very tight grating so no chance of the cucumber getting caught in pump and poisoning the tank.

I have a chiller and keep my temps in the low 70s.

08/23/2016, 06:34 PM
If you plan on putting a mandarin in a 40 gallon, make sure there are a LOT of pods, and add in some every once in a while. Do not put 2 mandarins in a 40 gallon, they will starve. Putting 1 in is risky already imo