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08/16/2016, 07:14 PM
Purchased this as a 1" frag a few years ago from Oculus before they closed their doors.

They called it "Green Lantern"

While the image below shows different colors, when it's under low light, it does have a green base with yellow tips. Under high lighting, it's a brilliant blue with yellow tips.

I'm trying to figure out what species it is. Any help would be great.

Fwiw, it's a smooth skinned acropora, much like the Acropora Elegans, bit it's growth is more like a plating. This could be due to having it in the direct flow of the MP40 pumps, so I guess it's possible the branches could be thinner in lighter flow.

Also Rosaria Acropora is a close resemblance.


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08/17/2016, 01:11 AM
Tapering and incipient axial corallites make me want to say Acropora caroliniana, however, I'm not quite sure on this one, maybe someone else will provide a more accurate guess.