View Full Version : Seagrass Substrate

08/18/2016, 10:50 AM
Hi Sarah,
I've read and reread your article about growing seagrasses, as well as any other articles I could find on the subject, because I'm determined to grow a small field of them in my new setup! However, I've been puzzling over what substrate would be best. I understand the need for a nutrient rich mud, and so was considering a deep bed of 3-4 inches mud and 2-3 inches aragonite sand on top to keep it from blowing all over the tank. Does that sound like it would work? In addition, I was thinking about collecting some mud from a seagrass bed (I live in central Florida) and using that. I'd have to sift out any large invertebrates and actual seagrass, as well as dig it out from any of the silica sand they use for beach renourishment, but I feel like it could work. Any suggestions? What mud have you used or seen used?