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08/19/2016, 12:52 AM
Still in the planning stages.
Checking out different protein skimmers.

08/19/2016, 01:16 AM
Just before we loaded the tank and stand on the truck.

08/19/2016, 01:21 AM
The truck...

08/19/2016, 02:13 AM
What's the dimensions on that beast?
Glass or Acrylic?
Are you going Reef or FOWLR?
Looking forward to this build.

08/19/2016, 07:46 AM
120 -36- 42 acrylic
I'm gonna do a reef system. I'm trying to decide on a protein skimmer, and some of the other gear. I have a small area off of the main garage that I'm going to use as a fish room, so I have a lot of room for some cool setups.

08/19/2016, 04:22 PM
Jumping on for the ride! What lighting are you considering. Any ideas on skimmer? I have a similar sized tank. I went with the Nyos 300. Setting it up within 2 weeks hopefully but it is a process!! Buying equipment is always fun!!

08/19/2016, 11:46 PM
That's definitely a sign! I have been looking at the Nyos 300 for the last couple of weeks. I saw the 160 at The Fish Store in Atlanta and I thought the build quality was above a lot of the other skimmers out there. Been looking at the Bubble Kings also..... I'll probably go with the gen 4 radions. I think I can get away with just 5......

08/20/2016, 12:05 AM
very nice! I'm building a similar sized tank, 30" high instead of 42". I can't reach that deep.. lol. we have MACNA coming up and BK is having 15% off sale. I plan to pick up the RD 150watt pump and BK Deluxe 300 skimmer. I currently use the BK DC180 skimmer. super quiet and very easy to adjust skimmer level. don't need to twist and turn the skimmer itself

how did you move that tank? I'm looking to hire a rigging company, cost $2000..

only thing I can't decide on is lighting. I don't think 5 Radion G3 can cover that tank. Maybe the G4 can. for the same price I can pick up 2 48" ATI hybrids which should grow everything in the tank.

08/20/2016, 07:56 AM
I had a moving company move my tank. They had all the right equipment, it only took 4 guys. It was way under $2000.00.......

08/20/2016, 09:16 AM
man LA sucks.. no moving company would touch the tank

08/20/2016, 09:26 AM
I too have 4 Radion G 3 for
Mine. I'm worried about your depth which is similar to mine. I'm at 48". I'm going to add 4 g 4 radions and am debating on whether to add some T5 as well.

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08/20/2016, 11:25 AM
man LA sucks.. no moving company would touch the tank

I cheated with the moving.....
I own three trucks 2 box trucks and this one.....:)

08/20/2016, 11:42 AM
It looks to be Acrylic. .could be wrong..following along..

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08/20/2016, 12:28 PM
It is acrylic.... I'm traveling right now. I'll start on the fish room in about 2 and a half weeks. More pictures coming...

08/23/2016, 12:13 AM
Nice tank

08/26/2016, 10:09 PM
Nice tank dimensions

09/15/2016, 11:27 PM
Any updates :-)

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09/16/2016, 07:43 PM
Just bought a 240 gallon Fish only aggressive tank. Still traveling. Will post pictures soon.

09/16/2016, 08:53 PM
Just bought a 240 gallon Fish only aggressive tank. Still traveling. Will post pictures soon.

Nice looking forward to seeing the pics

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09/16/2016, 10:45 PM
picture needed here :)

09/17/2016, 08:45 AM
Hopefully you didn't neglect humidity controls on that fishroom with 1000+ gallons of water in it.

Love watching these large builds go up though, gives me a sense of sanity when I start dreaming too big ;)

09/17/2016, 09:44 AM
Nice truck. :lol:


09/18/2016, 07:05 AM
It's in the garage I have a vent fan in there so hopefully humidity won't be much of a problem.