View Full Version : Dip for struggling toadstool?

08/21/2016, 08:53 AM
Which dip can I use to help a struggling leather toadstool? I bought a very large toadstool which hasn't extended for 3 weeks. I developed white patches and algea has started to grow on it. I thought I dip might help revive and clear off the algea. No algea issue in the rest of the tank. Should I used an iodine based dip like medicoral or just coral rx?

I've read that they are tough coral and can stay closed for a long time or just need to be relocated. It's in a 120g and I've moved it to both ends of the tank and even put a power head over it to I read flow. No change. I have 6 tube t5. I tried 2 days lights out and then reduced light to 8hrs with 2 blues with the other bulbs only on 3 hrs. No change yet.

08/22/2016, 09:00 AM
I would use lugols solution to make a dip for it, what kind of flow do you have it in? Toadstools LOVE flow and will tend to suffer if it is not adequate.

List of full tank params-chemistry, lighting description, flow description and pics would help to give better advice and more accurate trouble shooting.