View Full Version : Ricordia lighting requirements

08/21/2016, 03:40 PM
Hello. I have an orange ricordia mushroom that I've had for a few months. It doesn't seem happy. I've tried to move it and it's still stagnant looking. Im looking for lighting and flow suggestions. I have green hairy mushrooms doing great on the bottom, so shouldn't these the ricordia be happy if they are 😬

08/22/2016, 04:01 PM
My Rics were happiest under the T5's I had on my previous system. It was 28" deep and the lights were about 14" above the water. I still have some Rics these days in my 40g, but they don't like the Metal Halide. The better looking ones are off the the far sides of the tank. Looks like you have LEDs? Make sure you are not frying them. I personally collect these from the ocean and can tell you that they are in the deeper slopes, dirtier water portion of the reef!

08/22/2016, 05:59 PM
Thx so much. I think I am frying them a bit! I moved them to a less lit section of the tank. I can't believe you get to pic your own. I'm envious ��