View Full Version : Looking for Aussie blue squamosa

08/21/2016, 09:03 PM
I've looking for Aussie blue squamosa. Does anybody has one for sale? LiveAquaria offered a bunch of them last year, but nobody has those for sale this year.

08/22/2016, 09:40 AM
What's the difference between an Aussie Blue Squamosa and the Blue Squamosa's that Live Aquaria has for sale right now? I do recall seeing quite a few blue Squamosas for sale a year or two ago for like $99. I should have picked one up at the time...

08/22/2016, 10:43 PM
They are very different. First, Indonesian blue is much more fancy with more unique pattern; my first one has strips with a bunch of sparkling spots between. Second one has beautiful polka dots pattern. Some have strips only. The ones they offer now have swirly pattern, if you know what I mean. Aussie blue ones have solid blue or purple sparklings. Third, imo indo speciemens are much more hardier than Aussie ones. Finally, indo ones give more color difference from different angle. For example from side or front they look vivid blue under 14k/24k led. From top they look much more green like light emerald color. I recall I didn't see too much color difference from different angles for Aussie speciemens. Last year diver den asked $350 for 3" Aussie speciemens while they asked $500 for 5" or larger specimens. Therefore current ones are not too bad considering what you get. I read about $99 blue squamosa years ago. I thought it was some dealer in Chicago.

08/23/2016, 06:30 AM
Interesting. It seemed like the market was going to be flooded by blue Squamosas a year ago so I didn't panic. I figured they would be as common as run of the mill Derasas by now.

Definitely not the case.

08/23/2016, 09:14 AM
iMO LiveAquaria seems to be the one who set "marke" price for "rare" corals,fish and clams. I totally agree with you blue squamosa being flooded in the market. Under demand & supply theory, the price should go down from $299.99 to, say, $250 if nobody is willing to pay for it. I am not sure how much they paid the wholesaler, but it should be under100. Regardless the other online dealers or LFS offer them for less price, eventually the price should go down. I've watching diver den update almost on a daily basis for the 4 years. The prices in overall are very steady. Even worse, when xxl queen angel were sold three conservative days, the fourth one was priced higher. When it doesn't sell for weeks, they would lower price. They are smart. They know economic and marketing concept very well.