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08/23/2016, 10:02 AM

I bought a to good to be true deal of a complete system that had not been used.

Unfortunately one of the items that didn't work, unbeknownst to me was the skimmer.

I took it apart, searched forums for answers, and posted my question here.

Slief, answered very quickly with the correct part and it was ordered.

I received it, and tried it out, the skimmer pump now works, and everything is good.

Hopefully I can have my tank up and running soon.

Diagnosis 5/5 Right part the first time.

Customer Service 5/5 Slief answered very quickly and the other Royal Exclusiv chap sent out the pump part fast.

Shipping 1/5 First, I'm in Canada. Royal Exclusiv sent this part out via UPS which I'm sure is great for the USA but man, they sure squeeze people in duty / importer fees. I ended up paying 70$ for brokerage fees.
If Royal can use USPS that is the best option for Canadians. Second I believe DHL is good.
If not, you will be best served learning how to self declair your items if you buy with Royal Exclusiv.
I give the one because if you don't care about cost and just want quick, it works for you.

I would / will order again, but only if I can get the shipping figured out, other than that everything was excellent.

Thank you Royal Exclusiv,


08/23/2016, 11:41 AM
Glad everything worked out and all is well. Sorry for the issues with UPS. Unfortunately we stopped using USPS some time ago because of issues with deliveries taking much longer than expected as well as lost packages and problems in the claims process. I ran a mail order business for many years servicing the RC Helicopter business and we had more issues with USPS than I cared to deal with. While USPS was an necessary evil and I had to deal with them whether I liked it or not, I had countless issues over the years.

With expensive parts, duty's and or import fees can be an issue but given that the insurance only covers the stated value, we are kind of in a predicament. If we used a low declared value (which would reduce import fees) and a package was lost or damaged, we wouldn't be covered. While this motorblock is one of the lesser expensive things we ship, we always insure things for their actual value to protect the customer and ourselves. Unfortunately that can take a toll on the pocket book when it comes to duties. The upside to using UPS vs USPS is that they rarely ever loose a package and things pass across borders very efficiently which reduces transit time. They are also very good with the claims process and don't make you wait for 4-6 weeks before initiating an insurance claim like USPS does with lost packages. Thus our preference has always been to use a carrier that guarantees a delivery time and handles claims more efficiently.

That said, I am terribly sorry for the extra costs associated with getting that part into Canada. It's a shame that NAFTA doesn't make that process easier like it should.

08/23/2016, 03:05 PM
Why is it so many people share the same hobbies :P

08/23/2016, 08:18 PM
Why is it so many people share the same hobbies :P

Are you an RC helicopter guy? If so, how long have you been in the hobby? I was deep in the hobby for a number of years and have some good friends who are VERY well known in the industry. Todd Bennet, Jason Kraus, the Szabo brothers and Curtis Youngblood to name a few. My hobby turned into a business many years back. Unfortunately the hobby took a back seat to the business and I didn't fly much after that. Eventually I ended up selling the business (Zoom's Heli's) and haven't really flow much since. I still have a couple Heli's (Raptor and T-Rex) but sold my Fury's, Freya and other Heli's.