View Full Version : PropellerBreeze effectiveness?

08/23/2016, 12:45 PM

I have a Giessmann 8 tube T5 system over my tank, but only run 6 of them at any given time.

I currently run a small desk fan sitting on the end of the aquarium, and it blows across lengthwise. It is a 6' aquarium. This thing mostly does ok at keeping the temp down, as we don't see many really hot days up here. But it does struggle a bit on when the house hits 90f inside.

Will a 5 unit PropellerBreeze do at least as good a job? I cannot find any stats on how much air my current fan pushes, so its hard to do a head to head comparison. My guess is it pushes maybe 50-100% more air than the PropellerBreeze does.

I realize it may be possible that the air being pushed by the propellerbreeze is done in a way to make it more effective.

Any thoughts on this before I buy one?