View Full Version : Algae went sexual! Help!!

08/26/2016, 08:22 PM
So I just came home to a very cloudy tank and a refugium full of white caulerpa algae. I am very confident it went sexual and the cloudiness in the tank is a result of the released spores. I have 300 gallons in my system and can only make so much RO waters what should I do to help solve the problem?? Will this kill my SPS??

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cHRoNzZe 619
08/26/2016, 08:40 PM
It will cause some damage, this is a main reason I don't have a lot of culerpa's in my system... All you can do really is a big water change and throw some chemi-pure in it, sucks this happen to your system,I would also throw in some red algaes to help out ...just my opinion and what I have done in the past when this happen to me ... Good luck

08/27/2016, 10:17 AM
Algae spores creat oxygen demand. If fish are OK, then no worries. Use activated carbon to remove cloudiness from water.