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09/07/2016, 03:55 PM
I am in the process of setting up an experiment and I need to add phosphate to the water. Does anyone know of a method to add PO4 in a measurable way? Thanks.

09/07/2016, 05:25 PM
Ok, so I searched around a little more and found a product. I found some potassium phosphate on amazon, and it has good reviews with people using it for aquatic and terrestrial plants. Link: https://www.amazon.com/Monopotassium-Phosphate-Soluble-Hydroponics-Aquariums/dp/B00TZTYK2Q/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1473290442&sr=8-2&keywords=potassium+phosphate. What do you guys think about this? It seems like it would work.

09/08/2016, 10:31 AM
Lots of info here..

and many more.. Simply google "dosing phosphate site:reefcentral.com"

Michael Hoaster
09/10/2016, 09:14 AM
Interesting! Can you tell us more? Is this experiment going to be on your reef or planted tank? What do you hope to learn/accomplish with this experiment?

cHRoNzZe 619
09/10/2016, 05:04 PM
following along .....I Have never try to raise phosphates so this should be interesting

09/11/2016, 12:56 PM
I think I will use the potassium phosphate. I want to add it in a measurable way, which I have online calculators for. Michael, I am not using either of those tanks. I am breaking down my old freshwater planted tank, and I am going to use it for my experiment. The experiment is testing different levels and ratios of nitrate and phosphate on different macros. I will make a thread soon for it.

09/14/2016, 08:57 AM
I've notice a increase of Phosphates when I dosed Aquavitro Fuel.

09/14/2016, 09:15 PM
Same here. There are other products such as seachem's flourish phosphorous (which is just potassium phosphate) that raise phosphate also, but the 2 pound bag of it on amazon was cheaper compared to $10-$20 for a bottle of seachem's item.