View Full Version : Cloudy Water on Long Startup

09/07/2016, 08:27 PM
I am starting a 180 gallon reef tank. I have no filtration running on the tank yet being that I have no load to take care of. Iím not feeding that tank any food at all. I have just been waiting for calcareous algae to grow on the rock so I have just had pumps running to aerate the water.

I added some minimalistic aquasculptured rock and some live sand. After doing so there was quite a bit of cloudiness but it settled out in a few days. Then I added more started sand that had live critters and eggs for more varieties of them. After I added that, the water was cloudy again but the water hasnít cleared up in many many weeks.

After changing about 95 percent of the water, it is still just as cloudy as before. What should I do to clear up this water?

09/07/2016, 10:59 PM
Sounds like a bacteria bloom, a UV filter should take care of it. I had a similar thing happen in my nano, changed water and it stayed clear only a few hours then became cloudy. Installed a Green Machine UV and it cleared up in a few days. You might need a bigger UV for your tank size.

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