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09/09/2016, 10:41 AM
I don't have any good pictures to post (yet), but I just wanted to add my experience to the list of those that rave about Richard and what he delivers.

I started with part 1 in my 55g setup back on Aug 29th. I never did find any measurable ammonia, and would have been ready for part 2 within days. I held off to better line up part 2 with my schedule, and took delivery of it on Sept 8.

It is indeed, as others have said, like no other experience in starting a tank from scratch. I guess that is because we really aren't starting from scratch, are we? Anyway, add all of the same "wow" statements here. Lots of rock. Lots of life. Some bad hitch hikers (some I am sure I do not even know about). Many more amazing good ones. In addition to the stuff that Richard lists (snails, cucumbers, peppermint shrimp, hermits), we have extras like two really nice rock anemones, a royal gramma, a tiger goby that hitched a ride, a flame scallop, sponges, porcelain crabs, etc etc.

This tank is playing two roles: my 12 yr old son's first reef tank, and a learning vehicle for a planned 240g down the road. I'm almost (I did say almost!) now wondering if I should have maybe had the kid take the more traditional approach for his first tank so that he could learn patience from the start ... this ride is "add water, instant reef".

Time will tell how much of this we can keep alive (I am prepared to lose the sponges, although I will try my best not to). I will also try to trap the various bad guys (already have several gorilla crabs in the sump). There is a healthy dose of instant responsibility that comes with this setup, but I like the life lesson attached to that. If you're reading this because you are wondering if you should give this a try, all I can say is I am glad I did!

Thanks Richard!

09/09/2016, 11:58 AM
I am so psyched to hopefully be picking up a load of this rock in November and driving it all the way home to Michigan. I have to get my 90 gallon set up and have some dry rock start seasoning in it ASAP so that I can throw the TBS rock in as soon as I get home. I will be tagging along to see your photos!