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09/09/2016, 12:55 PM
Hi folks,

I'm a new (and so far very happy!) aquaforest user. I've been using just the reef salt for a couple of months now with great results.

Recently, I made the decision that I was going to switch from BRS 2 part to Aquaforest calcium and Alkalinity buffer. Just want to confirm a couple of things on that

First off I typically use 1 gallon dosing jugs, on the calcium I noticed it says 13 tablespoons of calcium and 2.4 tablespoons of magnesium - I want to confirm 1) that the magnesium is needed, this wasn't mentioned by the vendor I purchased from, so I'll have to get some. Also - assuming thats true, for the .4 of 2.4 are folks just using a bit less than half a tablespoon or is there a better way to measure?

Same goes for the alkalinity, I see its 1.28 cups per gallon, are folks just estimating a bit over 1.25 cups or what are you using to get accurate measurements? I haven't seen too many measuring cups .1 cup graduations

Finally, I'd love to know what other Aquaforest products I should be looking at for my mixed reef / frag system with a decently heavy bioload. (its around 185 gallons of total water volume tied together with a shared sump).

Appreciate the feedback!

09/09/2016, 03:27 PM
I think you're fine being close, I don't think you have to be dead specific.. so long as you keep an eye on your parameters and notice and drastic changes, should there be any.

I switched from BRS two part to AFs Component system. So far I prefer it to the old two part, I believe it has benefited my tank quite well. I did this mainly because I went from weekly water changes to monthly. I may switch to bi weekly, but my tank has been doing well regardless.


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09/09/2016, 10:44 PM
I can definitely do close :) any idea on what percentage difference between brs and AF as far as amount to dose? I do about 30ml a day of brs 2 part at the moment, I was thinking of starting af about 20% lower and monitoring / adjusting... But that's just a guess.

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09/10/2016, 07:35 AM
Or you can measure with a scale in grams to be more specific.

09/10/2016, 07:37 AM
Bottle 1:
AF Calcium~ 50 grams per 1 liter
AF Magnesium~ 10 grams per 1 liter
Component A Strong~ 5ml per 1 liter
Component B Strong~ 5ml per 1 liter

Bottle 2:
AF KH Buffer~ 80 grams per 1 liter
Component C Strong~ 5ml per 1 liter

Bottle 3:
AF Reef Mineral Salt~ 25 grams per 1 liter
Component K Strong~ 5ml per 1 liter

* I use the the premix bottles as to re-use the product, they are all 5 liter bottles, so I multiply values times 5

09/10/2016, 09:44 AM
How does the reef mineral salt work? I've never dosed that before.

09/10/2016, 05:25 PM
Typical balling salt, designed as a buffer to the minerals and trace.