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Reel North
09/11/2016, 01:43 PM
I got a surprising approval today to build a big In-wall tank in the basement.

My wife is tired of the water spills, and the stuff I never put away because I really don't have much space (or I'm lazy) to put it away.

We are always running a dehumidifier, and my frag tank takes up my old office.

I definitely need a smaller frag tank. It's 3x5'. Kinda ridiculous to be honest.

My available space, from the front of the tank to the back wall would be 6' front to back, and 11' wide. I have a bulkhead that would be incorporated into the wall. Realistically, I'm going to be limited to a 96" wide tank.

I will need to get this thing down the basement stairs, and the door at the top is 32" wide, which again limits me to a dimension of 30".

I'm thinking that a 30" tall tank would certainly look impressive (current tank is 30" wide X 24" tall)

I will only really have 3' behind a 36" wide tank - unless I move a cold air return to give me some extra space.

I use 250w radiums to light the tank - power costs here are astronomical - and I don't want to change that.

I will reuse my current rock - Tonga branch and shelf - and add a bit more branch or just use some pukani. I have some big shelves left over I'd like to use.

What dimensions would be, simply put - awesome?

And is there anything special I should be incorporating for a tank of this size?

My sump is 60x30 on my frag tank that I would reuse, and I plan to incorporate an ATS and an external Refugium - probably around 75 gallons.

Any input or thoughts would be appreciated!

09/11/2016, 02:24 PM
Don't discount the possibility of building the tank in situ. If you are going to be living there a long while it may be the more worthwhile method to get the size tank you really need (I almost said "want". What was I thinking of?)


Reel North
09/11/2016, 02:36 PM
Haha. Needs and wants.... Lol

So for fun, let's say that it will be built in place.

Am I better to move the cold air return, and steal another foot, so I could have 36" width?

I really think 8' is about as long as I really want to go. Right now, I am growing sps on the sand bed with the 250s. I'm thinking of hammers etc on the bottom, and then sps all the way up. Still good?

As far as flow - what do you think there? I was looking at a CL, but then I think about it, and I can just add some pumps to the back wall.

Head. Exploding

09/11/2016, 03:45 PM
Yep. Take your time. Read the many threads here and you'll see there are as many ways as there are hobbyists. Read some reef tank books. Mr. Saltwater Tank's books are the most current. Closed loop versus in-tank circulation pumps - strictly up to your tastes.

Have fun.


Reel North
09/12/2016, 04:56 PM
Maybe a plywood tank in my future!

09/15/2016, 06:22 AM
This would certainly be the way to go if you want to minimize cost, maximize your customization capabilities, and still end up with something awesome.

I'd say move the cold air and take that extra foot. A 3' depth is pretty awesome. I feel like you can get equivalent flow for much cheaper if you go with internal pumps vs closed loop but that is really up to you of course. There are always creative ways to hide pumps or at least make them less obtrusive. Fewer holes in your tank too!

Reel North
09/16/2016, 08:43 PM
Totally agree. I just picked up a really small 3" Sohal today, knowing I was going to a beast size tank

Problem is, even though I QTd all my fish going into my reef - FLUKES AGAIN!

I dosed the DT with a lower dose of prazi, and added an air stone to the SUMP this time.

God I wish these flukes would just go AWAY! I can't catch the fish without tearing everything down again.....

I hate using prazi. Always big losses.