View Full Version : Lighting schedule and intensity

09/12/2016, 07:07 AM
Ok i have the photon v2 48 over my 120 gallon 48x24x24 tank. It is on the stands highest setting above the tank. Does anyone have any settings that they use that are growing their corals good. Just not sure what intensity to put all the different channels on. I have a hammer coral doing great but three zoas that only half open and a green star polyp doing great.

Just want to get an idea what is working for everyone else. Love the light by the way.

09/30/2016, 03:30 AM
If your acclimating set the peak to 30%(reefbreeders FAQ page has a link to setup the channels I would set green red much lower thou), I have heard of people running as high as 80% with good results. I myself am still acclimating so have not set it any higher yet I have a 32 over a 40b and all my zoas/hammers/torch/gsp looks great.

09/30/2016, 08:33 AM
Had my 50-V2 almost 3 months with great results. I started with the default program under "custom" over my 115 gal mixed reef. I gradually increased over a few weeks, going for a "daylight" look in the middle, and ramping up and down to begin and end. I'm at a peak of 45% now with the blue/purple channels, but turned it off the white for a few days when I started growing GHA. Started again at 5, and up to a max of 15% right now. I had it around 40 when the GHA became an issue, so I plan to stop around 30. It's still very bright.
The remote takes a little getting used to to program, but eventually I got better at it. Not as easy as an app would be, and I'd like to do smaller increments than one hour, but all in all great results at a much lower price than the AIs, kessils, etc. I was shopping.
My understanding is that the red and green channels don't do much for the coral, but they can be used to create a pleasing look to my eye. I use them mainly in the ramp up/down phase.
All of my corals (a mix of soft, lps, and a few sps) have responded favorably, a few moreso than others, but all have improved. My advice, go slow, make a few changes and unless you see stress, leave it alone for at least a week. The patience required in this hobby has always been a challenge for me, but always works out well.
Hope this helps.