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09/12/2016, 10:19 AM
Well here it is. I had a 125 gallon mixed reef about 5 years back and sold it when I moved to a new place and found out my second son was on the way :headwalls:I have regretted it ever since. I finally talked the wife into letting me start another tank and found a great deal on a 180 gallon reef ready tank stand and canopy. It came with an aqueon model 4 sump, with a warner marine K2 skimmer. I got it last September right at the start of my sons travel hockey season, So once again I had to wait to get it set up. I finally have it filled and cycling and cant wait to start getting livestock in it for the family to enjoy. I used 160 pounds of ocean direct live sand and about 150 pounds of dry rock. It has been running for about 3 weeks now. I added 2 shrimp to the sump in a filter sock and have been dosing micro bacter 7. 1 week in I had a small ammonia spike that dropped off in about 2 days. Every test I have done has shown no nitrites or nitrates and no signs of algae growth. Here are some pics of the progress.

09/12/2016, 10:32 AM
http://i1174.photobucket.com/albums/r605/hockeydad13/20160731_165240_zpsne612rl3.jpg (http://s1174.photobucket.com/user/hockeydad13/media/20160731_165240_zpsne612rl3.jpg.html)
http://i1174.photobucket.com/albums/r605/hockeydad13/20160826_060822_zpsf8chpacg.jpg (http://s1174.photobucket.com/user/hockeydad13/media/20160826_060822_zpsf8chpacg.jpg.html)
http://i1174.photobucket.com/albums/r605/hockeydad13/20160910_145600_zps3lc7hjxi.jpg (http://s1174.photobucket.com/user/hockeydad13/media/20160910_145600_zps3lc7hjxi.jpg.html)
http://i1174.photobucket.com/albums/r605/hockeydad13/Screenshot_2015-08-31-17-41-33_zpswofhhihk.png (http://s1174.photobucket.com/user/hockeydad13/media/Screenshot_2015-08-31-17-41-33_zpswofhhihk.png.html)