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09/15/2016, 07:55 AM
I'm set on getting a Dreambox. At this point, I'm just trying to decide on the options, and I need some feedback/advise.

My current sump is 66g (48x20x16) which includes a refugium

In the sump, I run a Reef Octopus SRO3000SSS, the fuge & two Eheim 250W heaters.

I use a Reeflo Super Dart/Snapper external return pump, and I have a BRS media reactor (currently with Carbon) with the Sicce pump in the skimmer section.

The sump has spots for two 7" filter socks, but I've since removed them.

The tank is currently plumbed with 2 1.5" drains (Herbie configuration) and 3 1" returns (with 3/4" Loc-Line nozzles).

Here is what I'm considering...

Either a Dreambox 5c plus a refugium or a 7c without one.

I plan on upgrading both to a RD3 150 and having another RD3 50 to feed the media reactor...eliminates the manifold (Thanks Scott! :wave:).

Here's my dilemma, I'm torn on both the idea of going without a refugium (is the chaeto and reverse light cycle that valuable?), and I'm also concerned about all those filter socks. I took out the current socks because all they seemed to do was trap pods.

I'd like to know if any other Dreambox owners had similar reservations and/or had any thoughts on before/after when they installed their Dreambox.



P.S. Scott, I sent you another email regarding the order as well as some Masterflex stuff.

09/15/2016, 09:20 AM
Personally, I like having a refugium in large part because of the bio diversity they offer. I run a below tank refugium with a good sized deep sand bed and a display refugium as well. if you have a lot of live rock in your system and do regular decent sized water changes, the refugium certainly isn't necessary but it certainly doesn't hurt either. Every tank is different and the load, feeding habits etc all factor into how beneficial the refugium will be.

That said, we have a few different model Dreambox systems in stock here in the US. One in particular (5D) may suit your needs.. Take a look here. These are complete systems that are crated and ready to ship and include most every option we offer including LED's, pumps, skimmers etc.

09/15/2016, 03:03 PM

Here's the "front" shot of the tank taken just outside the front door:


In order to have the Dreambox facing the way I want it (without having a custom inverted one), I can have the Dreambox to the right of the tank under the stairs (essentially behind the blue stand).

Then, I can move the blue stand and all the Apex/electronics under the tank (I intend to drill a hole and have most of the wiring inside with the Radion heatsinks and a tablet on a stand for Apex Fusion display on the top). I can also move the Ca reactor from the break room (see the blue and black tubes) under the tank.

Now, if I did this...

How do I plumb the return to both look decent and not create unnecessary head pressure?

If I go a refugium route, that could also fit under the tank and possibly plumb into the extra drain holes on the left side of the 5d? Thoughts?

Thanks for the help brainstorming this...

P.S. Maybe this should go in my build thread...I suck at updating it, so I guess it's going to live here. I'll move it if that's more appropriate.

09/17/2016, 12:16 PM
IMHO, I would skip the refugium. If you wanted to grow chaeto and have a reverse lighting schedule just make or purchase an algae reactor similar to the Pax Bellum Arid. Another great option for Nutrient export would be an ATS.