View Full Version : first time running a quarantine tank, advice please

09/15/2016, 08:42 AM
So i am going to get my first fish (a starry blenny) and run him though this quarantine process. since i havent had any fish my display has been struggling with algae control and i think once this guy gets in the tank he will have plenty to eat but want to get him treated and eating before he goes into display.

below is my plan for my quarantine method if everyone could critic it and let me know any pointers!

Setup: 10 gallon aquarium, hang on top filter(like these cuz the remove the need for bubbler, also unless i say otherwise it wont have media or carbon in it) and a heater. all water will come from the display tank so no harm full combination of prime and copper and the salinity and PH will match the DT.

day 1: 5 min fresh water dip then into QT tank filled from water from display tank
day1-3: observation and food acclimation
day 4: begin 2 weeks of copper treatment and dose with prazipro
day 10:50% water change and redose with prazipro
day 16: 90% water change and add carbon to filter
day 18:assuming no trace of copper is detectable remove carbon and dose with paraguard for 2 week
day 25:50% water change and continue paraguard treatment
day 32: 90% water change and treat with stressguard
day 35: if eating and looking healthy release in display tank.
finish: bleach clean and dry QT and all equipment for next fish (thinking a pair of clowns)

Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions

09/18/2016, 06:07 AM
I have been experimenting with QT a lot recently as I moved in the spring, got rid of most of my livestock and am restocking. Where I am, most of the stores run copper in the tanks, so I no longer use copper without symptoms. Even if there are symptoms of crypt/velvet, I tend to use CP over copper.

I do, however, use PraziPro regularly. Most (but not all) fish seem to tolerate it fairly well. Another hint I got from a great store, was to run a UV regularly. I had an old 24W unit sitting around so I hooked it up and the fish reacted well in QT. I think removing some bacteria from the water column probably improved the water quality. I unplug it for a few days when running PraziPro, but then plug it back in. It seems to work for my setup, but I am not running carbon either.

I have not had good luck with random treatments as you suggest. Other than flukes, I now wait for symptoms to appear for treatment. I concentrate my energies on getting them to eat and become fatter to compete in the main tank.