View Full Version : Aquacultered Designer Clowns (Pics included)

09/15/2016, 04:41 PM
We have a really nice batch of aquacultured designer clowns coming in this weekend, and we would like to give you a discount!

If you come to pick up your clowns in the bag on Saturday (Sept. 17) between 2-3pm, they will have already been floated and you will receive 10% off!

BUT, if you want to guarantee a pair for yourself, you must pre-order by calling the shop by 10:30am on Friday (Sept. 16). Keep in mind that after 3pm Saturday, the clowns will be stocked in our tanks and will not be available at 10% off nor for purchase until the following week.

Here are the available clowns this Saturday at introductory pricing! #1-4 are the only ones we will have in stock ready for pickup at the shop. If you would like #5-7, you will have to email Brandon at [email protected] or call 317-895-9005 by 10:30am Friday (Sept.16) to ensure they will be added to the invoice.

1) Black Ice Snowflake clowns avg. 1.5" = $100 for the pair
2) Black Snow-Onyx Clownfish avg. 1.5" = $100 for the pair
3) Wyoming white Clownfish avg. 1.25 to 1.5" = $100 for the pair (actual pics of WW ready to ship)

4) Black photon Clownfish avg. 1.5" = $100 for the pair!! (recent BP clowns from breeder)

5) Frostbite Clownfish pair = $125 for the pair (example pic - Regular)

6) Inkdot Pica-Snowflake = $150 for the pair!!!

7) mix or match!! Yep...just $100 (except frostbite or ink dot picasnow - will price accordingly)