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09/15/2016, 06:33 PM
Hello everyone,

I am currently dosing with ME coral, if I switch to AF could I get away with just the probiotic salt and the component 1,2,3? My tank is full sps and is already mature.

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09/17/2016, 03:12 AM
Yes that would be a good start

if your nutrients are low (ULNS)
Then I would recommend

AF - Amino Mix, Build , Energy and Vitality to feed the corals
I found even at UNLS my LPS thrive with these additions

09/17/2016, 05:06 AM
Please explain ME coral, just to have an idea on what is being dosed. As Gary explains, these foods and vitamins are designed to enrich coloration in low or ultra low nutrient conditions. Now, to run these conditions is a separate question. Comp 123 actually will satisfy all chemistry conditions as it is a plug and play 3 part balling system, which encompasses around 40 or so trace elements. So no additional dosing is required as far as trace goes, this includes heavily discussed heavy metals, vanadium, cobalt, manganese, copper, etc. With this in mind, we also have the biological capabilities to sustain or drive ULNS. So, please refer to product guide, this will show under the header of Probiotic System for Demanding SPS corals. Please review the guide, it will give good insight on products available for this setup. After all, it is your reef, and we want you to be successful, more knowledge cannot hurt :) Here is a link... http://aquaforest.eu/en/download/