View Full Version : Dunaliella salina culture experience?

09/21/2016, 09:47 AM
Hi all,
I've got several species of phyto and pods established, and I'm trying to add Dunaliella salina to the mix, in particular I'm trying to push the carotenoid level up. I don't want this for a main feed, just for some additional variety and enrichment. Had some success, they grow well and I've gotten the culture to go pale pinkish-brownish, but not the brighter red I've seen in some pictures. Does anyone have any tips? I've been reading what I can find online, they are cultured en masse in lab conditions for carotenoid harvest, but its hard trying to find specifics. What I've learned so far is, bright light stress stimulates them to produce the carotenoids, and nutrient/salinity stress can help. I've tried bright light (kessil tuna sun 160 set to the blue end directly on 2L of culture), and high salinity (1.030+). Low nutrient is hard, all I've done so far is crash them. I chose the blue end for the Kessil as blue is where carotenoids have peak absorption, but maybe I'm wrong there? Or maybe not blue enough? It gets warm under this light, but not too bad, around 78 degrees. I'm using commercial modified f/2 fert. I have no evidence that it is contaminated, but my ability to test is limited.

09/26/2016, 05:31 PM
i had faf strain of duna which i thought was salina. i kept them in 2 litre pop bottles on the window sill, south east facing, using 1 drop of f2 per 100 ml of fsw. i tried reddening it up by putting an iron nail in the bottle. didn't test for anything. the cultured greened up really nice with the nail in it. i also tried fw plant ferts on it. the cultured whited out and crashed. i once flipped my duna to fw for a few months before reconverting it. the fw flip worked with tetra and nanno as well. the temps on the window sill varied as i'm in canada. i thinking the browning is due to ph. i don't use aeration and just swirl them daily... i used to worry about freshly fertilized phyto intros to fry /copepod tanks but after experience the small amounts weren't showing problems.
are you keeping other species as well?