View Full Version : Full Tank Shot Friday. First WINNER!

09/23/2016, 05:30 PM
The first winner of #FullTankShotFriday is Rob Bousquin, or robbous for all of you on *********. Not many people can say they can go swimming in their tanks lol. As a reference, he is 61.

He will be receiving a small goody bag from Premium Aquatics. In order to start offering a bigger prize, the goal is to get 50+ entries which I know we can do!


500gallon display tank with 150gallon filtration system
Dimensions: 110 x 30 30, acrylic 1 thick
SPS dominated with about 25 fish
6 WE Kassill 360s
Two Pacific sun Metis 3 x150watt lamps MP60s and Gyre 150s
Pacific sun 5th kore 5 pump dosing system .
Been up now for 15 months

Let him know what you like about his tank!
And remember if you want recognition for your hard work and maybe even some friendly feedback on your tank, plus win a prize from us, send me your tank pics at [email protected] at any time during the week. Even send coral and livestock pics along with your tank to make things interesting!

09/23/2016, 05:50 PM
That tank is sick. Looks great!