View Full Version : AAA, not Roadside Assistance: Angels, Acans, and Acros

09/23/2016, 06:01 PM
We have a few REALLY nice angels in this week.

Blueface Angel x2
Koran Angel
Multicolor Angel (centropyge multicolor)



We also stocked up on some sweet mushrooms, acans, acros, and some cool LPS also! Come down and check us out....it was time to restock our inverts this for the Fall also, so we have plenty of emeralds, ceriths, crabs, and other snails ready to go!


And for all of us Acro and Zoanthid fans.....check out this list below!!

Acros: Red Bull, Pikachu, Northern lights, Big Polyp granulosa, Aussie Gold, Hawkins, TCK Titan Stag, Sunblaze Mille and more!!

Zoas: Fairy tales, bam bams, rastas, buttmunchers, scrambled eggs, king midas, rainbow infusion, gobstoppers, god of war and OTHERS...the list goes on and on!!