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09/24/2016, 02:43 AM
Goodmorning i Have an 130X70X60 tank with 85X55 sump approximately 560 gross liter with about 80 kg of live rocks.
Actually i have high bioload because of 5 tangs an 1 trigger fish plus about 15 other fishes.
the tank is mainly sps.
what kind of BB skimmer do you suggest me?
thank you in advance

09/24/2016, 10:33 AM
You would want to base the skimmer sizing on the display size and not the total system size for our skimmers. They are very conservately rated and the sump doesn't contribute to the load anyway. Just the display. Proper skimmer sizing is based on theoretical loads and the amount of proteins or dissolved organics that are required to keep a skimmer consistent. That said, for your size tank, I would suggest the Double Cone 180. Anything larger would likely be inconsistent. The Double Cone 180 is about perfect for your display size and load and would be my first choice. It would be very consistent on your size setup and would sip power and be silent.. That skimmer performs optimally with a pump speed setting between 18 and 23 watts depending on the amount of organics in the system so it would be very efficient and very effective in removing the DOC's.

11/13/2016, 01:17 AM
Hello slief,
I Bought the DC 180 with RD3.
how can I get started as height water in the sump?
and about the wattage?
height of the water foam transition under the white plastic, how many centimeters?

thank you

11/13/2016, 09:17 AM
Start at 8-8.5" with the pump at 18 watts. Adjust the level so that the line where bubbles turn to foam is right at the white threaded collar where the neck screws to the body. That will be your driest skim point. If you have a very low load, you may need to run a the sump level higher. You may also need to increase the pump speed closer to 20 W. it will take a week or so to break in before you really know what you need to do is far as final adjustments.