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09/25/2016, 05:26 PM
Hey everyone,

I posted this in a different section, and someone said that there are some butterfly experts in this forum and that i should try it here. So here goes...

I have a 6' 155g Bow front mixed reef. Upgraded from a 75g back in January, everything has been going pretty well with it. I have bioload issues in check and i feel i could handle a bit more, but i don't want to add THAT much. Here is my current stock list, and i'd only be adding this final fish:

Current fish:

Kole tang 4"

Yellow tang 5"



Bicolor blenny

Melanurus wrasse

Christmas Wrasse

1 chromis

2 Picasso clowns

Everyone is getting along well, with the Yellow Tang as the undisputed tank boss.

I posted a while back as out adding a Blue Throat Trigger and thanks to some great feedback from this site I decided it wouldn't be a good add to my tank, mostly for space and bioload reasons.

I'm thinking of a butterfly fish now... So assuming I got one of the reef safe and easier to keep butterflies, would this work out? Is a 155g bow front big enough?

How is their bioload? Are they really active fish and fast growers?

Looking to hear thoughts from anyone if you guys have them.

Thanks in advance!

09/26/2016, 09:03 AM
I would say yes, but it might be hard introducing it with those Tangs in there. Make sure you quarantine and treat for flukes.

09/26/2016, 07:02 PM
Thanks! Anyone else?

Dr Colliebreath
09/27/2016, 06:38 PM
I agree that you have the room but may have problems putting the butterflyfish in with the tangs there. You should use an acclimation box. What butterflies are you considering? Many of the heartier ones are not reef safe.

10/01/2016, 08:09 PM
Thanks! My plan was to shut the the lights off for a few days and put a mirror on the end of the tank to distract the tangs, but you think an acclimation box in addition to this?

I'm looking at a copperband... My local store is good about showing you they are eating frozen foods. I hear once they are eating, they are actually pretty hardy fish?

10/04/2016, 06:17 PM
It has taken me 4 tries to get a CBB out of QT and into the DT, but this one is doing well. I think you would be safe with one IF if is eating.
Yellow longnose are pretty cool as well.

10/04/2016, 08:24 PM
Be careful with the butterfly. The main problem I had was that although eating well in the store it started eating all my pods in the tank and forgot how to eat frozen. He ate all the pods and then wouldn't touch anything I offered. Bloodworms did the trick for me eventually moving to brine then PE mysis. Good luck to you though, beautiful fish

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10/05/2016, 09:05 AM
I don't know if I would do the longnose or cooperband with those tangs. Those are 2 Butterflies that can really get stressed out very easily. If you are determined to do 1 of those, I would take the Kole and Yellow Tangs out and let the Butterfly get established before putting the Tangs back in. Good Luck.