View Full Version : Who wants to make some easy money? $10

09/28/2016, 04:28 PM
Hey guys. I am starting up a new business, and need some photos for advertising.

To participate you must have a fairly large tank, 120g or above. You also must have a good camera, and know how to take clean shots of your tank. I need high res photos!

Lastly, you must agree that the photos become mine. There will be no rights or references to you. So much that I can even copyright the photo if I wish as my own.

Here is what I need. A full tank shot and one closeup shot of something posted to this thread. This is what I will use to chose whom I will "hire" for the job.

After I have selected you, I will need a full photo shoot of your tank. At least 50 pictures in high res. I wont be using very many of these, but I want options. I need a few full tank shots, and a bunch of shots of fish, corals, and inverts. I actually prefer shots that are not extreme closeups, but rather have at least a few subjects in them. No "equipment pictures".

The jobs available are:
Powder Blue, Selfies and with friends. $5
Mixed reef with no SPS. $10
Mixed reef with some SPS. $10
Predator tank, FOWLR. $10
Freshwater Malawi Mbuna. $10
Freshwater Predator. $10

Payment will be via paypal, paid as a gift to avoid fees.