View Full Version : Calculating Pump & Outputs

09/29/2016, 03:41 AM

I'm in the process of designing a large multi tank system but have a question about Pumps & Output Flow Rates.

The plumbing is quite a simple design 2 long "L" shapes with the only 90degree points being the individual T fittings with attached ball valves for flow control/equalization.

The idea is to have 2 pumps a pair of Laguna Max Flo 4280GPH (16,500LPH), 1 pump per long "L" pipe work as per image.

Is there any accurate way of determining what the output from the T Ball Valves would be for each output along the "L" of pipe work?

(1 side has 16 outputs the other side has 10 outputs).

Is it a mere matter of simply...dividing the Overall GPH/LPH by the amount of Outputs per long L of pipe work a.k.a...
16 Outputs = 4280 / 16 = 267.5GPH per Output
10 Outputs = 4280 / 10 = 428GPH per Output

I suspect not because of Head Max pressure etc.

But how could I calculate these Output flow rates for each Output accurately?

Cheers for any help provided!! :D