View Full Version : Pipefish safe bristle worm predator

10/01/2016, 07:49 PM
Does anyone know of a pipefish safe bristle worm predator? Have a macro algae tank plumbed into my system that is home to two dragonfaces. This tank has a few more bristle worms than I would like and want a predator to keep their numbers lower. The population seems to have stabilized but I am unwilling to starve them out as that would require starving my pipefish.

10/01/2016, 08:24 PM
Inspect all new live rock for bristle worms; remove them before adding the live rock to your aquarium. Many fish and crustacean species eat bristle worms, including arrow crabs, wrasses, puffer fish, sand perches, dottybacks, trigger fish, coral banded shrimp, gobies, gruntfish, hawkfish and dragonets. I have a six line wrasse with my seahorses and he doesn't bother my ponies and I don't have any bristle worms or flat worms

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