View Full Version : Pump advice for a 16 gallon tank with 15 gal sump

10/03/2016, 01:06 AM
Hello, I have a small ADA 60P display tank that is 60 Liters (16 gal) drilled with a SynergyReef ghost overflow (1500 GPH) and a SynergyReef CL22 sump 58 Liters (15 gal). The height the return pump would have pump water up to the display is 42in (1 meter). I need a return pump and the Tunze "silent" pump I bought is not very silent. So I am interested in the Red Dragon 3 mini speedy 50w adjustable speed pump. I am worried this may be too much pump for my little aquarium system but I am wondering what some people with more experience think. I love that it is silent and that fact alone sells me on it as "THE ONE" and I would love to make it work.

-Can I run the pump at a low enough wattage to make it work in my specific application? How low can it go?

-Or could I use extra flow to power additional items (reactor, media, etc) to lower the flow enough to use it as my aquarium return pump? Or just return part of the flow back to the sump?

-Do I have any other options to use a Red Dragon pump in my setup?

Also I am interested in using the mini-bubble king 160 vs 12 skimmer. I know the bubbles will make noise but what drives me nuts is the hum of the pump on most skimmers I have seen.

-Is it as silent as the Red Dragon 3 50w? How quiet is it?

My sump area is 20cm x 37cm and my return area is 13cm x 37cm. I would love to use both a Skimmer and a Return Pump made by Royal Exclusiv in my aquarium if it is at all possible. Thank you for your help.

10/03/2016, 03:41 AM
15 watts is the minimum setting for that pump. That equates to a flow of around 240GPH at that height including some added height for friction loss. If you have some media reactors, you could certainly divert some of that flow to them which would help because 240 GPH is way too much for a 16 gallon tank. As for how noisy they are, they are by far the quietest pumps on the market and are virtually dead silent.

The Bubble King skimmers are also pretty much silent including the Red Dragon pumps. That said, the too are on the large side for such a small tank. This would include the Mini 160.

10/03/2016, 09:01 AM

Thank you. I understand the skimmer is too large but I may be able to incorporate the pump if I use media or other return magic. Awesome!

10/03/2016, 10:03 AM

Thank you. I understand the skimmer is too large but I may be able to incorporate the pump if I use media or other return magic. Awesome!

You could always add a gate valve to the return side of the pump to slow the flow down. That would just simulate increased head pressure and wouldn't harm the pump but I would definitely suggest adding reactors to it so you aren't cutting off the flow completely.

10/03/2016, 02:27 PM
The 50w Pump would be fine size wise, as it does adjust down, and you'd love it. Dead silent, adjustable, very power efficient and cool running.
But yes, the skimmer will be too large, even the DC130 would be too much. You'd be better off with a Tunze Doc Skimmer 9004 or similar.
(LINK to Tunze Doc Skimmer 9004 Thread (http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2236571))