View Full Version : Another Vertex omega 130I problem

10/04/2016, 08:18 PM
So After purchasing this skimmer and using it for a few months, did all the mods (airline) (7" water height).

I used a stick of epoxy. (2littlefishes) the instructions say not to run the skimmer for 36hrs. and I did.

But after 2 weeks of overflowing(and it still is)

Is there any other recommendations anyone else had?

So far I tried,

draining 5gallons of foam
50% WC
Fresh Carbon

This skimmer is such a hassle to deal with. They really should discontinue this skimmer.

BTW. its on a 130Gallon Tank. with minimal fish( 2 tangs, a pair of clowns, 1 wrasse)

Im about to throw in the towel and get the Aquamaxx ( was my first choice anyway)

10/04/2016, 08:59 PM
Did u drain the 5 gallons of foam before or after the water change? I have a omega 130 & anytime it would want to overflow I would do like u did & hook up a piece of tubing to the drain on the skimmer & let it drain a couple gallons. I haven't had to do that since I installed a valve on the air intake & dialed back the air some. It was really finicky before I did that.

All I can think to do would be to let some more foam drain out until it settles down.