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10/05/2016, 01:59 PM
Hello all,

I am thinking of putting up a 120g or 180g FOWLR tank in my house. Ideally I'd like a 5x2x2 tank but I can's seem to find one in Alaska. I currently have a 92 corner mixed reef tank that has the plumbing run under the house and into my garage. I'm currently using a 40 breeder sump set up in my garage.

Currently stocked with: yellow tang, sailfin tang, foxface, 4 damsels, 2 clown fish and primarily LPS corals

I'm thinking of using the 120 as a room divider (so you can see through 3 sides) and having a HOB overflow and drop the plumbing into the same sump system as the 92.

A few questions:

Is having both tanks use the same sump and share water the best idea?

Livestock recommendations for the 120g?
I am considering moving the two tangs and the foxface over to the 120g after it is set up and adding some puffers, angels... I'm open for ideas.

Thanks for any help,

10/06/2016, 08:11 AM
I can't give you the best answer for as the sump part of your concerns, but for the 120, I would not add the Sailfin (trade it in when you catch it). Also for as the Puffers, they need to be the smaller species, like the Toby's. For as angels, only Dwarfs Angels IMO. All of the large Angels require a bigger tank. If you could do the 180, you have more options.

Flaring Afro
10/07/2016, 07:03 AM
The biggest puffer I'd get for a 120 is a green spotted. You'd likely have to convert one to saltwater the day you get it.

Also, sharing the sump might be a bad idea. For one thing, any outbreak in one tank will affect the other. Secondly, I have a feeling the sump would overflow if both tanks lose power, unless you don't have much water in it.