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10/09/2016, 06:50 PM
Greetings programs! So I haven't had a salt tank for a good 10 years, my wife recently suprised me with the new fluval 5g nano reef. It's a great little system with what they call reef quality led light, both day an moon (if that's what it's still called). Cycled the tank pera miters are perfect so slowly added some beginner sps and lps, GSP chocolate chip zoanthid, green trumpet, and 1 what I belive is a harry green mushroom. These guys have all been added slowly and all are doing great, the trumpet is even splitting. The mushroom was the last added. I first placed on the bottom next to a lr to block major flow. After a week it stayed shriveled an lpoked unhappy, recent water check looks great (doing a 20% once a week why not its 1 gallon!) I moved the mushroom to a spot on a lr that has a over cropping and is now shaded I was worried maybe to much light? Thoughts? Thanks! Excited to belo ng to this forum!

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10/16/2016, 01:35 PM
Possible too much light so I would do the same thing, give it some shade, and if that doesn't do it, try something else. I think shrooms like a little flow, though. Give each new position in the tank a couple of days to see how it adjusts.

Also, mushroom tend to like a little dirty water, meaning some nitrates, so if your system is so clean it is low on nitrates, that could be an issue. You could try using a turkey baster to shoot some Reef Chili or other small reef food directly to the mushroom to see if feeding perks it up.

If everything else is doing well,

10/20/2016, 08:20 PM
Thanks for the advice, I've moved it to a low location and very moderate flow, it seems to be ok, does try and eat when I target feed, I've used reef roid's and mysis with some success.

10/22/2016, 10:17 PM
Would having a boucle mushroom be like having hairy mushrooms