View Full Version : combining two hobbies in 1: divequest in orlando

10/10/2016, 10:30 AM
So i am thinking this is a good overlap between scuba divers and reefers... two weeks ago i got to combine both hobbies while scuba diving in a massive FOWLR - diving second largest aquarium in the US, in epcot disney, orlando florida. i forgot the stats but millions of gallons of saltwater! The dive is called 'divequest'. they take you through a back tour of the facilities, talk about how they filter the tank, feed the fish (sharks get atlantic salmon steaks and bonito) their QT. They have a whole lab for testing parameters ;) Then you put on a wet suite and dive for 40 min. the tank is large enough that you don't get bored. actually, i would say that is larger than several open water dive sites i've been too. max depth is at 25 ft, and lots of fake coral formations throughout the water column. the tank is well stocked! lots of nice tangs, a few large wrasses. there were 6 or so sharks on the prowl, including a large tiger shark. a black nosed shark literally swam between my legs. A giant loggerhead turtle swam right above me, and a tarpon brushed up agains me a couple of times. was a great dive.