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10/11/2016, 01:54 PM
Hi Everyone,
I am in the process of setting up a NPS nano tank. I am planning to add various types of non-photosynthetic gorgonians, however i am interested in what ones people are more successful with. I have got syringe pumps to dose a mix of foods including rotifers, oysterfeast, phytofeast and a few other foods throughout the day and an automatic feeder to dose the dry foods which consist of fauna marin- ultra clam, ultra sea fan, Min F and Min S along with reef roids and goniopower.

I have come across a number of different species of sea fans and i would appreciate if you could point out the ones that you have been successful keeping in a high nutrient/food dense water column. I know that the blueberry gorgonians (Acalycigorgia sp.) have terrible track records despite being in the correct conditions. But how about some of these species:

Diodogorgia nodulifera
Gorgonia sp.
Swiftia exserta
Echinogorgonia sp
Menella sp

any other info would be much appreciated,

Thanks in advance,Lewis:)

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10/15/2016, 04:16 AM
There are also plenty of beautifull gorgonians that are photosynthetic and easy to keep.I had a few of the photosynthetic ones but i traded them because gorgonians do not have that ,,glow in the dark ,,effect like corals have.They arent iridescent under blue light.