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10/13/2016, 09:57 PM
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10/14/2016, 03:24 PM
Ok so I had to redo the post and hopefully this post is ok as I removed my promotion.
That being so, I would say my experience with Blue Zoo was awesome.
My first order I want to say was way back in Feb or March maybe and it was a Foxface LO, a Niger Trigger, a Manila Puffer, a gold stripe maroon, and a pink spotted goby. Order got stuck in Indy due to weather conditions (Fedex fault not BZA) and then it arrived a day later. But fish arrive 8:50 am est, 7:50 am ct, 6:50 am mt, and 5:50 am pt which was really really early for me as I have never seen a package arrive that early so kudous to fedex. Upon opening the box as this was my first order, I was amazed at the quality of the shipping procedures and the size of the fish. One of my dad's friend was a fish store owner and I worked for a year or so and I was in charge of putting fish away and I am used to seeing shipping boxes and DOAS etc everything that comes from shipping. But BZA simply had the best shipping maybe because it's a box of fish for me I say this, I don't know lol. Anyway, I open the package and find the gold maroon bigger than expected and quite healthy, pink spot goby active, niger trigger sluggish but due to shipping, manila puffer active, and foxface lo deceased despite efforts to revive. I accilimated all fish and they did great. I contacted BZA and got credit right away and they shipped out a new foxface. But to my awesome surprise it was a one spot foxface. I literally had a smile from ear to ear when I saw that. I was literally looking for one for a while. He was a live and def well. I would say my first experience with BZA was awesome, epic and fun. Although I can only remember Greg's name, a few others were awesome with their help too. But Greg went out of his way to make sure that I had good service and that meant a lot to me.
Today I still have the gold maroon, one spot fox, and manila puffer. Sadly the pink spot watchman jumped, and the niger became aggressive and tore fins of my brother's lionfish. So he ended up going to a friend's 200 gallon trigger tank.
In June I got a picasso triggerfish and a yellow belly dogfaced puffer. Shipping was top notch and awesome. Fish were good. Picasso is doing extremely well in a 75 gallon tank with just a chocolate chip star and a baby clown trigger. Sadly, the yellow belly didn't make it in qt.
So here I am today.... a big supporter and fan of Blue Zoo Aquatics.
I have a big order planned for November. I am thinking a new lionfish, a dogfaced puffer, a pink spot goby, and some fish for my reef aquarium.
I def would reccomend BZA to anyone wanting quality marine fish.
Thumbs up to Mark, Greg and the crew at BZA you guys rock!
I'd love to one day take a trip to CA, and visit you guys and get a nice fish room tour for youtube.