View Full Version : Filteration for FOWLR/Predator Tanks?

10/14/2016, 05:49 PM
Hey Guys,

Can you guys post what equipment you use to keep your FOWLR tanks/Predator tanks clean? Right now I have an aquamaxx skimmer and an aquaclear with chemi-pure and phosphate media. I am just trying to find a way to maximize filtration while minimizing equipment and water changes. I was looking at Marine Depot's video on a microalgae reactor and it looked pretty cool I though of setting one up. But sometimes I look at filtration for SW and just want to put everything on my tank lol.

Here is the video

10/14/2016, 10:12 PM
I won't show you what i have, because it is just pieced together and a big mess. But I will tell you basically what I am putting on my bigger tank when I have the $$ to reinforce my floors. I'm going to run a sump with sock filter/polyfil over bioballs, to a Xport BIO/NO3 chamber, to a fuge for macro and detritus crews, and dual pump return so I can alternate to create wave action in the tank. I'm not sure on other equipment at the moment but the AquaC EV-400 Protein Skimmer and Aquamaxx Biomaxx are both looking like great options for this build. Also, I'm upping my sand/crushed coral from 2" to 4-5" to help complete the nitrogen cycle in the display tank. To help spread out the cost I will probably use Ply-tanks for both the display tank and sump.

10/15/2016, 08:20 PM
That looks interesting, I like doing different things on each tanK. My next tank I'm going to run a xenia refugium. What works for me on my 210 fowlr is dosing nopox, which is a form of carbon dosing. I feed my triggers, puffer, tang, angel, and tusk very well and am able to keep my nitrates below 20 and do about a 20% water change a month. I also run a protein skimmer as well and use chemipure.