View Full Version : T5 bulb placement/timer schedule

10/15/2016, 01:11 PM
I have 4 Coral Plus, 2 Blue Plus and 2 AquaBlue Special from ATI. My 8 bulb T5 structure by Currant has two plugs each one controlling 4 bulbs. Any suggestions on how to arrange and schedule a timer? Our current set up is 4 Blue Plus and 4 I-dont-know-whats- the structure and bulbs were donated to our classroom from a parent who was upgrading up couldn't remember what the bulbs were. They are on 7am-4pm since we only have a 75G tank. I know its not ideal fixture for our setup but Im a teacher and cannot afford to upgrade at the moment since I my students are currently building a sump/refuge area and a programmer.