View Full Version : New setup with TBS live rock

10/17/2016, 08:32 AM
Just finished my tank layout this weekend using TBS live rock. 180 gallon using the island look which is what I wanted so I could create a racetrack swim pattern. This will primarily be a fish only tank with a handful of mushrooms, polyps, and sponges which I hope will live as they provide awesome color. I did this in two phases over the last month. Phase one I received about half the rock and let it settle along with some older rock to cycle (which I have since removed). Took delivery of the second half of rock last week as well as "the package" which contained the sponges, gorgonians, starfish, porcelain crab, cucumbers, hermits, snails, and I believe royal gramma. The amount of growth on these rocks is what really makes it stand out. You can look at it every day and find something else new that you didn't see before. Working with Richard was great, he was very responsive and the air shipping worked out very smooth. Overall I think I received 10+ boxes and none of them were damaged on either shipment. Heavy duty packing.

10/17/2016, 02:21 PM
Looks really nice! How much rock is in that pic? I'm trying to estimate how much I will need for my upgrade.

10/18/2016, 04:46 PM
Approximately 125lbs in main tank. I have another 25+ in my sump. Didn't want to overstock as I want mostly fish but I could have put another 50-100 lbs in there no problem and still be ok.

10/23/2016, 07:00 AM
If you are looking at an open space set up, let Richard know. I ordered a package roughly half the size my tank called for. I had some rock already. It stuffed my tank. Richard will help you with what you are looking for.