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10/19/2016, 05:39 AM
good morning ,

i have bought AF Component 1 2 and 3 and will start dosing soon once i can understand how to better control phosphate and nitrate.

having read a bit, i found out there are various reactors such as:.

Nitrate reactors,
phosphate reactors
biopellets reactors
zeolite reactors
zeomix, phosphate removers and carbon reactors
vinegar dosing
vodka dosing

so with all of that i am getting confused. do i need all of them.

My questions are:

1. how do you manage the level of Phosphate and nitrate
2. what reactors and products you are using
3. what is the flow rate your are using in the reactor.

your help is much appreciated.

Kind regards


10/19/2016, 09:47 AM
That's kind of a broad question that I cant imagine aqua forest is going to answer...do you have a nitrate and phosphate issue? If you didn't have them prior you shouldn't have them when starting 123. Some people use water changes to manager them, aqua forest carries phosphate removing media or they have the liquid carbon dosing which then you need a skimmer.

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10/19/2016, 04:20 PM
First thing we need to understand is what type of tank you keep, or plan to keep? This will most certainly help in guiding you towards the right AF products to meet your needs. Please take the time to download the user guide and products guide to help you learn of the products that AF offers. In the user guide, you will see different types of tanks you can run with AF and products recommended. We are most certainly here to help and guide you, but it is really important to learn about the products and what will best suit your needs. Component 123 is simply a method of replacing minerals, Alk, Ca, and Mg, but also combines the majority of trace minerals and heavy metals that are lost due to coral calcification, of course in fractional parts to that of your basic 3 main minerals. For the biological aspects of AF, many such as myself who keep demanding SPS type corals use the Probiotic Method. This is mainly based on using Probiotic Reef Salt, Pro Bio S(bacteria) and NP Pro(liquid polymer that feeds bacteria/carbon source), to help the user maintain ideal Nitrate and Phosphate levels. Some utilize additional dentrifying bacteria medias like siporax, matrix, and of course soon, AF Life Bio Fil. These medias help with tanks limited with rock and sand, which are far more efficient at harboring these bacteria which ultimately reduce N&P. If you have a high bioload, many fish, or larger corals, you can use AF Zeo Mix, AF Carbon, and AF Phosphate Minus to further reduce nutrients. Each system is different, and each system processes nutrients different, so the recommended dosing can change based on your system. Please take the time to check out the AF guides, and let me know if you have any further questions :) Cheers!


10/20/2016, 09:13 PM
Heres what i think. COMP 1.2.3 is minerals that needs to be replaced so you can go ahead and start dosing that. if you started using probiotic salt etc.

and your other question was. N+P problems. thats a whole other story. If you have N+P problems. Look up how to rid of it via. skimmer, vodka, vinegar, fuge, etc. they all are different but end up with the same results. It all boils down to how the user wants to treat their own tank, husbandry.