View Full Version : elphistone coral survive in sps dominate tank?

10/20/2016, 01:00 PM
i'm guessing it wouldn't matter just making sure that it's ok with the low phophated/prinstine water?

10/20/2016, 01:17 PM
What's an "elphistone" coral?"

To answer your question though, yes. Pretty much all of the corals out there appreciate the same kind of environment. As long as your parameters are within reason and the lighting is sufficient it's all good IME.

Martin Kuhn
10/20/2016, 01:50 PM
To you talk of Elphinstone reef around Mars Alam in Egypt?

Ths is one of the most awesome places i ever visited in my life.

10/20/2016, 01:55 PM
The Red Sea?