View Full Version : Rainfordi Replacement Order

10/20/2016, 07:11 PM

I just wanted to follow up. I received the 2 replacement fish. They were also shipped to my home (As opposed to hold at FedEx as you suggested)
However, one of them arrived with a red mouth, which I initially thought was due to ammonia from the shipping bag.
It died today. It was clearly bacterial infection upon further inspection. The mouth seem dented as well.
Perhaps whoever shipped the fish, dropped it*during the bagging process.

I am really disappointed that the fish was sent with a red mouth.
However, I assume you will not be replacing this fish since you only offer arrive alive.

I will try to provide a photo when I get a chance.

10/21/2016, 11:06 AM
Thank for the update and sorry to hear about the loss. We absolutely take care of you with this issue. Please [email protected] to get the process started.

Take care.

10/21/2016, 05:31 PM

Appreciate it. I have already contacted customer service.
They have requested a digital photo, which I will provide when I get home.