View Full Version : zoa and palys stretching for light

10/20/2016, 09:14 PM
I have some zoas and palys that (strech) for light.. their stalks get really long. I have others that are acting just fine... I tried to upload a pic but I am having some issues with it. Anybody seen or heard of anything like that?

10/20/2016, 09:14 PM
They want more light... what lighting do you have

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10/21/2016, 07:27 AM
I was asking for a friend's tank. He has a radion xr15 gen 3 pro. He has a 60 gallon cube.. trying to get him to go to the xr30 but he wont.. I thought it was a light issue.

10/21/2016, 07:28 AM
I have heard the term deep water zoa and didn't understand it. Is there a way to tell/know which zoas are deep water? Is there different treatment for them?

A. Grandis
10/23/2016, 01:13 AM
Pictures, please.
Tell your friend to post pics here.