View Full Version : need some help with algae

10/22/2016, 02:24 PM
Hello everyone. I have had freshwater fish for many years. About a year ago I set up a 75 gallon saltwater tank - Fish only with rock and coral (not live). I have two water pumps on each side of the tank to keep the water moving, a skimmer (hang on type) and a Fluval 206 (which I change out the catch floss regularly. Nitrates are 0 (approx.), Nitrites are 0, Ammonia is zero Phosphates are 0, PH is 8.2 Right now, there is only one clown fish who has been going for the year. (I lost one early on). The problem is I cannot get rid of the brown algae. No matter what I do. What does anyone suggest. I am really grateful for any help. I want to add more fish, but I want to make sure that everything is just right. On another note - what fish would anyone recommend and how many. Thanks again!