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10/22/2016, 11:30 PM
@ Aquaforest...

Need also an answer about following,
Just got my 22kg of Reef Salt yesterday (Batch 000159) and I have performed some tests on and what was my surprise when I tested the water
was reading Nitrates at 0.5ppm ( Test RedSea Pro ) Vs 0.00ppm tested on RODI water ((TDS 0.00) left flask) !!
When I read on the Product guide ,
Reef Salt Designed for aquariums with more demanding SPS and LPS corals. It does not contain bromides and can be used with ozone-assisted filtration. Also, it does not contain any probiotic bacteria or growth media. Phosphate and nitrate free. Upon filling new marine tanks it is recommended to let animals in not earlier that after 10-14 days. Use 3,95 kg (140 oz) per 100l (27 US gal) to achieve salinity up to 34 ppt (~1.025 S.G.)

Friend of mine has performed same test with his Reef Salt and got readings of 2.5 on Salifert test kit...:eek:

Then also, having a look on your "Aquaforest Product Guide" in different languages there are some incoherence between versions.
Taking example with the English & French version,
On the English version you tell us that there is NO Bromide inside
Then having a look on the French version, you tell us that there is Bromide inside in small quantities.
I am actually running ozone on my tank and I would like to have a clear statement about the bromide.


10/22/2016, 11:49 PM
Picture below

10/27/2016, 05:33 AM
We speak at PM, by another forum, by e-mail and here... :)

Our salts are nitrate and phoshpate free.
Can you tell me how did you test your RODI water?
Directly from RO or from some bucket?

10/27/2016, 12:41 PM
The Reef Salt says low Br not zero bromide. However, their sea salt says Br free but there is some that was tested. I have not detected any nitrates in any of the different mixes I've tested.

Do you have a cat by chance?

10/28/2016, 10:11 PM
On my buckets of AF reef salt, they said Br free.
Is it true or just another "typo"?