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10/23/2016, 02:43 AM

Im starting a new nano tank where the main focus will be SPS and excellent water quality. Even though it is a nano I intend to keep it extremely minimalistic, not at all over crowded so bio load should be pretty low. My original plan was to go for a Zeovit setup but the problem really is space. I would like to get a Royal Exclusive Dreambox (set 1e) which would just about fit into the stand. First picture. But adding Zeovit to that would be too tight. Ild need to go up one size to be able to do that. Second picture. Not impossible but the first sump would work better sizewise.

The reasoning for me to want to start a Zeovit system really is that Im going for excellent water quality, ULNS. And the amazing coloring and growth in coral the Zeovit system has. But my first question here is your opinion on letting go of the idea of using Zeovit and rather go for the new Coral System from Korallen Zucht. Its hard to find information about it. does the Coral System work to get rid of excess nutrients in the same way Zeovit does? In a nano maybe the Coral System would help me just as well as a Zeovit system? The cost of the system is not important. Whats important is quality and that I can fit it into the sump of course.

Another thing to take into consideration is that at times I travel. Coral System seems easier to make automatic with dosing pumps than Zeovit. Or would it in your opinion be better to go for a full Zeovit system and just not using Zeovit at times when Im travelling?

I hope you have some opinions and information for me here. Thank you very much.


10/24/2016, 01:18 AM
That kind of choice can be hard to make. Personally, I'd probably be interested in the dosing pumps, because I'm lazy, but either system likely will be fine.

10/24/2016, 08:13 AM
i run a zeo reef, it is very successful, however it does require a more hands on aproach. you did say money was not a problem, so it is possible to automate a zeo reef. good luck zsu

10/24/2016, 10:22 AM
Yeah, thanks for your replies. I am looking to try to fit the KZ Automatic Zeovit Filter so the Zeolites shouldn't be a problem. The dosing in a small system though could be difficult during times when I travel (a few drops is difficult to auto dose) but I guess it will do ok even when not being dosed for a few weeks. I do believe the full ZEOvit is the best solution so I will have to try to make that work. Thanks again.

10/24/2016, 06:36 PM
You're welcome. Good luck!