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10/26/2016, 07:10 PM
So I went to the LFS a few days ago and they had a few maximas on hand. Out of the 3 2 were gaping and looking like they had lost some color nice blue to a pale purple, had been watching them for a couple weeks just decline. So when I saw that they just got another one in that looks healthy when i got it is now not so good. I thought I would try and save it seeing how the other 2 looked. They first 2 days it had small mantle extension, and now on day three of owning it and it looks like he going down hill, no extension. He reacts well still will close all the way up if touched, I see him move every now and then also. What do you guys think?
SG 1.025
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10/26/2016, 07:12 PM
Here is a pic

10/27/2016, 10:59 PM
Really surprised know one has any input.. When I got off work yesterday I noticed when the tank was dark he was more out of his shell and I could see nips in his mantle... so I put a plastic bottle over him until he can heal up hopefully that's all it is.. May need to get rid of a fish... I suspect my Flametail blenny..

10/28/2016, 07:03 AM
that's a pretty rough looking clam.

there's not a whole lot you can do with these guys aside from providing the right conditions, and bringing them back from the brink can be difficult.

best i can say is that you will have to see how to goes. no real way to predict the outcome.

you might want to exchange the plastic water bottle for something else. i've seen people use the little screen baskets strawberries come in or something like that. that way it will keep the blenny away, but still allow light and water movement. you don't want to block the water movement to the animal.

10/28/2016, 06:43 PM
I think your right about the water movement he was ****ed he detached himself from the rock and tried to escape I did drill holes in it but i guess not enough. I pulled the cover and put him in a spot where the blenny never really goes will see I guess..

10/29/2016, 06:20 PM
Well he was okay when I got home, woke up 4hrs later to check on him and the cleaner shrimp and emarld crab were going to town on him. Hes Gone :( Not really sure if those 2 were the culprit or if something else killed him and they ate him cuz he was dead..

10/30/2016, 06:56 AM
Those inverts will only clean up after it's dead. More than likely it's was poor collection from the wild or could have been harassment. Also looks more like a crocea to me. Which if that's true they don't like being on the sand like that.