View Full Version : New Lawnmower Blenny??

10/29/2016, 01:52 PM
I'm looking for opinions. I just lost my second Lawnmower Blenny in the last year, and I'm not sure if I should get another one or something else. I have an 80 Gallon planted FOWLR tank that needs to double in size as soon as I have the money with Three puffers and a "Tomato Clown" that actually acts more like a maroon. Anything with a shell is out of the question because the puffers will eat them before they hit the bottom of the tank.
I'm no sure what killed my Lawnmower Blenny. The first blenny jumped from the tank because I had one corner uncovered, but I replaced all the covers before buying the second one. The second one had been in the tank for a couple months and had grown significantly. The day before yesterday I was marveling at how fat he looked and how much progress he had made on the GHA and macro population in the tank. Then yesterday afternoon I couldn't find him and this morning he was on the bottom of the tank. He had been perching on the hydor 850s, so it's possible something happened when it kicked on but it has never been an issue before.

10/29/2016, 05:28 PM
Why dont you try something else? If you love blennies there are many to choose from, sometimes lawnmowers dont live very long. What about a hawkfish? That would have a bold enough temperament. What kind of puffers are in there?

10/29/2016, 08:15 PM
I have a Dogface and Two Green Spotted Puffers in there right now. I would love to have a Hawkfish if I every build a 200+ for this group, but I'm really looking for something to clean up Green Hair Algae and Macro that won't in turn be eaten by the puffers or get bullied by the Clownfish.