View Full Version : Titan Trigger odd feeding behavour

Steve C
10/30/2016, 08:17 AM
Just recently after some considerable time and thought got a small 2" Titan. Currently in 180 with a Miniatus Grouper and eel. That Grouper does not tolerate tank mates apart from eels and triggers that for some reason he ignores. I have 6x3 or 8x3 available with a little bit of juggling around when required.

I have a chunk of well aged live rock in the tank. Even though the trigger eats the various food items I put in he/she, 'Tiggs' spends a large amount of time picking at the rock. I see Tiggs seems to ignore the worms and starfish all over the rock, I saw him look at a starfish and purposefully avoid it. He looks to be focusing on detritus. Clearly has strong jaws as I see him spit out small bits of rock.

10/30/2016, 10:17 AM
In nature Triggers build nest when breeding. So they become obsessed with moving rocks around. I always use to keep small rocks in the tank when I had my clown trigger.

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